Thursday, April 29, 2010

I've been absent...and my 5k

It's been almost a month since my last post...boooooo *thumbs down* and about 3 weeks since I ran.  For some reason I kinda lost my mojo on running although I picked a great pair of running shoes from Fleet Feet. 

First and for most I need to talk about my first 5k -- my finish time was 43 minutes...which isn't horrifically bad but wished I finished in about 35 minutes.  I have to factor in that I was sick days prior to my race, I caught some kind of stomach bug that ruined my hubby's birthday dinner on April 9th, I had to leave work early when I was feeling icky.  I wasn't not fully 100% and I wore the wrong pair of shoes...

So I started off real strong first 2 miles were a cinch, the the last mile my shins, and feet were killing me...really I wanted to kick myself for even signing up for the race.  I was like "what the f* am I doing?" I've lost my mind.  I had a nice jog for 20-25 minutes that slowly turned into a walk, limp, jog for 2 seconds then walk.  I met a few girls from Sparkpeople that were there, I tell you these girls are monsters! Especially Salina, she ran a half marathon and recovered from a cold and still did the 5k. It was starting to get hot, my feet were killing me but I managed to push through and finished.  There isn't anything like finishing, I read it all the time -- but never really understood it until I crossed the finish line.  I was bummed about my time, and that I had to walk a part of the race but I tell myself, "it's a time!" and it's more than what some people haven't done.  So I do pat myself on the back for completing it.  The day after my right hip was in agony, I felt like an old lady but it only took two days to fully recover. 

There was a chevrolet sponsored area where you could get your photo taken I did, but it looks like one eye is bigger than the other and I look like complete dog crap, but what the hell I just finished a 5k :)
 And a pictures before the race, I was stoked to get my shirt and my bib #!
Waiting for the shuttle to take us to the race.
The start of the race.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Change in Plans....5k

I was just on my sparkpage and read that the Komen Race is on Sunday April 11th!! Well I knew it was coming up but never really considered running the race because I didn't think I was in good enough shape to do so! But I'm going to do it!  I have about a week and a half to train even harder before the race, well not too hard that I injure myself!

I'm really bummed because the Komen Race had a 6 week training session that started February 27th ...bummer! Well at least now I have no excuses to make my first run outside this Saturday.  I'm pretty excited but scared...YIKES!! I have to register by April 2nd, they will mail my bib number and my shirt :) It's sounding more and more official!! The name of our time is "Fight like a girl"

event details :


I know it looks like mush but it was really good! Quaker Harvest Vanilla oatmeal, half an apple, some vanilla yougart, with Trader Joes organic Peanut Butter!! was great and filling!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Week 4, day 2 today

Well...Well...I made it to WEEK 4 and today will be day 2.  So do I feel any differences from 3 weeks ago?  I will list them:

1. My hips, knees and feet don't hurt after each run
2. my cardio-vascular condition has improved as my heart rate stays mid-point now versus high (basically meaning my heart rate has dropped at my current pace, I need to push myself a little more so my heart rate increases.)
3. I am not snoring anymore!!

After every run though -- IT'S NOT FUN---really, I hate running I'm waiting for the day where I say "I love running..." NOPE, not anytime soon.

A few symptoms that still exist from the beginning of my training:


I have to find a good pair of running shoes that support my fallen feet have been my worst enemy during this whole training process, my heart, body, legs, say go...but my feet say HELL NO. 

So now the bad news...MY DIET STINKS! Well not literally but I have not been eating well at all, I have lost 3 lbs gained it back, lost 2 lbs gained it back...blah...blah...blahhhhhh. I need to get it in my head NO SUGAR! NO JUNK FOOD!  I am still playing games in my head when I'm presented with junk food, instead of saying "No I don't need that..." I say "Well, just a bite, a little won't hurt, I'll just run longer, I'll work...every excuse in the book." I need to constantly remind myself no junk food...

Back to running-- Sean suggested that I need to run everyday, and he's right I need to run everyday I need to figure out how much, how long, how many days etc. etc.  So I think I'm going to do short runs during the week M,T,W,Th maybe Fri, and do a long run on Saturdays outside.  I still haven't ran outside yet, because I'm still afraid to --- Fail on running outside again.

So for today's training schedule run jog 12/1 3x
Eat well or at least ok to have enough energy to run afterwork, I've been noticing that if I don't eat well during the day at work, I'm pretty much junk when I get home for my run. No food = no energy...big NO NO!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Finally got the Roses

We finally picked up the roses on Tuesday!! Yaye, now time for the planting.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gain a pound, lose a pound

Good morning! One of the reasons I'm sure why I'm not losing tall vanilla latte with whip...sheeshh...Give me the power to stop drinking coffee altogether please!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Filler up...water that is

I hate drinking water when I'm not thirsty...I know I should be drinking water anyways but man it really sucks drinking water when you don't feel like it.  I'm on my lunch break and snacking away on Michlina's Lean Gourmet Pizza Snackers...can you say ""MMMMMM." Today is a run day bOOOOOOO (thumbs down on that) I still dread getting on the treadmill.  I hate the helpless, I can't do this, my feet, ankle and knees hurt, and I just want to get off feeling. I complain and whine everytime I get on, but I do anyways so kudos to me for just doing it.  I have been getting the itch to run outside but I have some fear about running outside for some reason.  The breathing? the people watching me while driving by? My fat doing the sling-shot motion that I hate so much?  The fact that I run and get so tired that I won't make it home? I don't look like a runner? Because I look silly? All very stupid reasons I know.  I will try it one day...hopefully sooner than later.

I imagine runners looking like this:
But I know runners come in different shapes and sizes, I have to get this mental block out of my mind.